Come and check new line up and new songs at following locations:

08.04.2022, OC Bar, Imatra

09.04.2022, Sams pub, Karhula

Do you like Heavy metal, swords, to be warm, look really cool and occasianally want to play executioner or dark sorcerer? Good news! You can now do all those things at same time and also support Dead End Irony by pre ordering our new hoodie!
You have enough clothes already but they have scratches and holes? We also have solution for that too since we have limited amount of Dead End Irony 4cm * 16cm patches for sale! All profits will go to our debut album recordings (and some beer of course)
Seriously we never have bought any beer with merch money, we just say so that you would think we are cool, because we are not cool enough yet, since we are still missing our hoodies.

Available as
- Zipped (XS - 5XL)
- Kangaroo Pocket (XS - 5XL)
- Lady Fit Zipped (XS - 2XL)
- Lady Fit Kangaroo Pocket (XS - 2XL)
Special pre-order prize for hoodies 40€!
Dead End Irony patch 4€
Orders via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact your nearest band member. Want stuff but don't want to talk to band members? You can believe that we know what that feels like. On that case you can also order from bandcamp:
Just let us know what kind of hoodie type, size and amount you want to order.
Pre-order ends at 4.7.2021 and excepted delivery is at end of july.
Hoodie shipping to
- Finland 5,90€
- Europe 21,90€
- Rest of The World: shitloads (45,90€)
If you want only patch shipping is 2€ to anywhere in world

We have been silent for a while and with a good reason. We have thought for long time that the problem of DEI might be that we don't have enough Anttis in the band. In order to fix this problem we hired Mr. Antti " Peksi" Pekonen (ex-Frozen Paradise) as our new drummer! We are very pleased to have this human battering ram in our DEI family! ??

We have been producing new songs and arranging old ones. Who knows, maybe we will start to record our first full-lenght album this year.. ?

Sometimes with good news, there must be also bad news. Valtteri has decided to step back from his singer duties in DEI for personal reasons. We thank him for these years and wish good luck in his future projects. He will still remain in the backround, helping with sound engineering and recordings. However we are left with no lead singer.. now is YOUR chance to step up! If you think you have what it takes to be the
successor of Valtteri (or know someone who would) don't hesitate to contact us:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ps. If the singers name is Antti, you will get extra points ?

How are you all doing in these strange times? How are we you ask? Well, we couldn't be better, because the DEI family is full once again!

We are very happy to announce you our new lead vocalist, Mr. Vesa Winberg!

"I'm really excited to be part of the Dead End Irony. I've been breathing and playing heavy metal ever since I was a kid and it makes me really humble to be back at it again with these guys" - Vesa states about his new job.

He is known from the bands Hogster, Dark Ride Brothers, Mosesgun and also hosts Kasarin Lapset - podcast available on Spotify and other stream medias!

Click here to find out some reference of the man himself in action! 

Another big chapter in the story of Dead End Irony comes to an end now since Jori has decided to leave the band. Jori has been with us since the beginning so almost ten years now, played at every DEI gig and every EP. Besides of drumming, Jori will be remembered from his twisted sense of humor which produced lots of (more or less uncomfortable) laughing from us and his crazy out of box ideas which many times left other members speechless ? We wish Jori the best of luck in his future projects and we are also sure that we (and probably you all others too) will hear about his new mad projects in future!

Take care buddy! Dick jump forever!