Dead End Irony 2016 -

Dead End Irony is a modern heavy metal band from Finland founded in 2010 in Imatra. The band has been influenced by genres such as NWOBHM and power metal. Through these they have created a style of their own with solid guitar riffs, crunching vocals and striking choruses.

It all begin when Simo, Antti and Mika started to develop some rad riffs at the end of the year 2009. At 2010 drummer Jori and singer Valtteri joined the happy punch and the first line up was completed. Unfortunatly at 2012 Valtteri had to focus on his studies and the band had to find another singer. In the year 2014, after a run of many canditates they found Riku Kamunen to take place behind the microphone.

The Band released their first demo Wounds That Never Heal in March 2015. Demo received great feedback and almost all of the copies were sold out within a week. Soon after that Dead End Irony won the biggest South-Carelian metal band competition named Rälläkkä.

Everything was looking good for DEI but In the end of the year 2015 Riku kamunen and Mika kauppinen parted ways with the band. Fortunately Valtteri was done with his studies and was eager to came back to his rightfull place as the singer. Also a longtime friend, Kristian Valkama joined the band at the same time to take Mika's place in guitar.

Now dead end irony is recording their second demo and getting ready to hit the stages once again.