Dead End Irony will play at Street cafe 24.5.2019 along with CJC and My Countless Scars

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Here are first reviews from "Into the Void". Seems that reviewers liked it as well!

Tuonela Magazine (english) (finnish)

Metalliluola (finnish)

Finnish Heavy Metal Fans (finnish,video)

Into The Void EP is going to be released 11.6.

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1. Through With You (04:33) Jokela
2. Anger & Violence (03:48) Jokela \ Vainio
3. Farewell (05:54) Jokela & Backman
4. Into the Void (03:57) Jokela & M.Kauppinen \ Vainio

Recorded & mixed by Valtteri Backman at Kuma project studios
Mastered by A. Kippo at Astia-studio A.
Cover design by Cover Design by Tomáš Krumpál

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Ladies and gentlemen!

Official lyric video of Dead End Irony’s "Into the Void". Real South Karelian power metal!

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